Nigel Henderson has a love-hate relationship with cricket; he loves it, it hates him. After a number of middling performances for Surrey Young Cricketers in the early 1980s he was cruelly brushed aside in favour of more talented players and condemned to life in the club game, where countless dubious lbw decisions and the occasional trashed dressing-room later, he found something more constructive to do with his Saturday afternoons.

Taking refuge in journalism, he initially worked for several local papers and the Press Association. He has been a freelance writer for Inside Edge, Third Man and The Cricketer and has covered the Wimbledon tennis championships for the BBC. He spent two years as deputy sports editor of the Royal Gazette, Bermuda's daily paper, and worked on the sports desk of The Times

A connoisseur of ill timed tackles and goalmouth scrambles, he likes AFC Wimbledon almost as much as he hates franchised football and the group stages of the Champions League. He is the author of The Worst of Cricket and The Worst of Football